Tata Steel & Ford sign a contract for the supply of “Zeremis” green steel

Tata Steel announced the signing of a pact with automobile major Ford for the supply of “Zeremis”, or zero-emission green steel, to the company.

As per the memorandum of understanding (MoU), the supply to Ford would be initiated after Tata Steel’s plant in the Netherlands’ IJmuiden “switches to green hydrogen-based steelmaking”. Ford is now the “first client” committed to purchasing the green steel that Tata Steel hopes to produce using a hydrogen-based process, which the company claims is more environmentally friendly and sustainable than the way steel is currently made. By the year 2035, Ford wants to be carbon neutral. The purchase of steel that has been produced with more consideration for the environment is thought to be crucial to achieving the goal.

Green hydrogen refers to the hydrogen generated from electrolysis of water, with the entire process run on renewable energy.

The type of energy utilised to create the hydrogen molecule determines the colour in the business. Hydrogen created from coal is brown, natural gas is grey, and natural gas is blue.

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