With the help of Google Cloud, Persistent Systems releases an innovative cyber recovery solution.

A new technology from Persistent Systems enables businesses to recover from cyberattacks more rapidly. The Persistent Intelligent Cyber Recovery (PiCR) solution, in conjunction with Google Cloud, offers a thorough and scalable cyber recovery method, enabling enterprises to reduce data loss and limit the detrimental effects of lengthy downtime on brand reputation. On the Google Cloud Marketplace, persistent intelligent cyber recovery is currently accessible.

The frequency and size of ransomware assaults are rising due to hackers. They employ sophisticated strategies that are always evolving, which makes recovering from attacks more difficult. These attacks may result in the release of private information, a decline in business, and harm to a brand’s reputation. Organizations must increase their recovery procedures in addition to their focus on cyberattack defence.

Cyber-attack recovery is not a function of traditional backup and disaster recovery (DR) systems. Customized recovery plans, Persistent IP for detecting and eliminating malware, and the optional managed services for managing the recovery process are all included in Persistent Intelligent Cyber Recovery. For a secure recovery environment and Google Cloud Backup and DR for the protection of the server images, the persistent solution interfaces with Google Cloud.

Persistent Intelligent Cyber Recovery offers the following benefits:

  • Reduction in data loss
  • Decreased risk of recurrent attacks through the removal of malware
  • Faster recovery from ransomware and zero-day attacks (from weeks/months to hours/days)
  • Potential cyber insurance cost reduction
  • Scalable solution depending on enterprise size challenges

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