HDFC Bank Q2 Deposits at ₹16.73 lakh crore as, up 19% YoY

According to the HDFC bank’s quarterly business statement posted on the stock exchanges on Tuesday, deposits increased 19% year over year to Rs 16.73 lakh crore in the quarter ended in September. Retail deposits increased by 5.5% sequentially and by 20.5% over the last year. Wholesale deposits grew by 12.5% over the previous year. To reach Rs 14.8 lakh crore, advances increased by 23.5% year over year.

CASA deposits increased 15.4% year over year to Rs 7.59 lakh crore.  of September 30, 2021, the CASA ratio was 45% as opposed to 46.8%. Under the terms of the home loan agreement with HDFC Ltd., HDFC Bank bought loans totaling Rs. 9,145 crores during the third quarter. In keeping with Friday’s gains, which were the biggest since August 30, shares of HDFC Bank increased by as high as 2.82%.

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