Coal India’s output up 20% in H1 FY’23 and supplies to power plants grew by 17%

Coal India Limited (CIL) finished the first half of the current fiscal year generating 299 million tonnes, continuing the production trend of double-digit increase that began in FY’23 (MTs). The biggest incremental growth for any era, this strong upward movement of 49 MTs.

The rise was 19.7% above the 250 MTs of H1 of the previous year. All of CIL’s subsidiaries saw growth, with BCCL leading the pack at 31.3%. Following up on the remaining nearly 43% of the fiscal year’s 700 MT production goal in the second half after achieving nearly 43% of it in the first six months. Typically, CIL’s H2 production yield is significantly greater than the H1 output. The coal major exceeded the goal with its total coal off-take of 332 MTs from April to September of 22 and achieved 101.7% satisfaction. Compared to 308 MTs during the same period previous year, CIL provided 24 MT more coal, representing a 7.8% increase.

With greater output and higher loading, supplies to power plants have dramatically grown to 285.5 MTs in H1 FY’23. The increase from one year to the next is 41 MTs, or 16.8% growth. In the first half of FY’22, CIL had 244.5 MTs in stock.

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