Stock Split:

Stock Split is a corporate action in which a stock is split in a certain ratio of its face value in order to infuse liquidity and to make share more tradable.

The number of shares of a firm grow when it announces a stock split, but the market capitalization stays the same. Since, the market capitalization remains same therefore, Price per share decreases as the number of shares rises.


Recent Stock Split List

Company NameRatioOld Face Value (₹)New Face Value (₹)Ex-Split Date
Radhagobind Commercial Ltd.10:110108 June 2023
Hardwyn India Ltd.10:110105 June 2023
Radhika JewelTech Ltd.5:110226 May 2023
Simplex Mills Company Ltd.Consolidation10100026 May 2023
Simplex Papers LimitedConsolidation10100026 May 2023
Kenvi Jewels Limited10:110119 May 2023
Shree Ram Protiens Limited10:110119 May 2023
Veerkrupa Jewellers Limited10:110119 May 2023
Visaka Industries5:110215 May 2023
Varanium2:110512 May 2023
Comfort Fincap Limited5:110204 May 2023
Visaka Industries5:110215 May 2023
Varanium2:110509 May 2023
Apollo Micro System10:110104 May 2023
Salasar Ext10:110103 May 2023
Sera Investment5:110228 Apr 2023
Goyal Aluminium10:110125 Apr 2023
IFL Enterprises10:110121 Apr 2023
Global Cap Mkts10:110120 Apr 2023
RO Jewels5:110217 Mar 2023
Radhagobind Commercial10:110131 May 2023
Josts Engineers5:25228 Apr 2023
Tips Industries10:110121 Apr 2023
Mufin Green Finance2:12113 Apr 2023
Comfort Intec Limited10:110113 Apr 2023
Shree Securities10:110106 Apr 2023
Deep Industries2:110506 Apr 2023
Artemis Electricals and Projects10:110131 Mar 2023
Avance Technology2:110531 Mar 2023
R O Jewels5:110217 Mar 2023
Bharat Agri Fert & Realty Ltd. 10:110129 Mar 2023
Vivanza Biosciences Ltd.10:110124 Mar 2023
Global Capital Markets Ltd.10:110120 Mar 2023
Continental Securities Ltd.5:110220 Mar 2023
Vivanta Industries Ltd.10:110117 Mar 2023
Hi-Tech Pipes Limited10:110117 Mar 2023
Shree Securities Limited10:110106 Apr 2023
Medico Remedies5:110216 Mar 2023
Osia Hyper Retail Ltd.10:110113 Mar 2023
Gujrat Toolroom Ltd10:110106 Mar 2023
Captain Pipes10:110103 Mar 2023
360 ONE WAM Limited2:12102 Mar 2023
Vinny Overseas Limited10:110124 Feb 2023
K.P. Energy2:110510 Mar 2023
Karnavati Finance Ltd.10:110124 Feb 2023
Akashdeep Metal Industries5:110223 Feb 2023
KBS India Ltd.10:110124 Feb 2023
IRB Infrastructure10:110122 Feb 2023
KCD Industries India Ltd.5:15117 Feb 2023
Shreeji Translogistics Ltd.5:110215 Feb 2023
Accuracy Shipping Ltd.10:110115 Feb 2023
Vaxtex Cotfab Ltd.2:12115 Feb 2023
Servotech Power Systems Limited5:110203 Feb 2023
Latteys Industries5:110210 Feb 2023
Shreeji Translogistics Limited5:110215 Feb 2023
Goldstar Power Limited10:110120 Jan 2023
Shradha Infraprojects Limited2:110520 Jan 2023
Fourth Dimension Solutions Limited5:110223 Jan 2023
Deep Diamond India Limited10:110120 Jan 2023
Vishnu Chemicals Limited5:110213 Jan 2023
Rajnish Wellness Limited2:12110 Jan 2023
Supreme Petrochemicals Limited2:14206 Jan 2023
Rhetan TMT Limited10:110110 Mar 2023
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