The biggest wind turbine in India, installed by Adani New Industries.

“Adani New Industries Limited (ANIL) on Thursday announced the installation of country’s largest Wind Turbine Generator (WTG) in Mundra, Gujarat,” a company statement said.

Mundra Windtech Ltd (MWL), an Adani Enterprises Ltd. wholly-owned company, installed the turbine (AEL). This prototype is also Adani New Industries Ltd.’s (ANIL) first addition to its portfolio and has paved the way for the installation of even larger wind turbine generators, according to the company.

Standing 200 metres tall, the wind turbine has the capacity to produce 5.2 MW of electricity and can power approximately 4,000 homes.

It is the biggest wind turbine in terms of power and has a rotor diameter of 160 metres. The hub height of the wind turbine generator is 120 metres, about the height of a 40-storey building. Wind turbines have had a growth spurt over the last couple of years. Turbines of the capacity above 4 MW are typically associated with offshore installation — where the machines have gone as big as 14 MW.

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