Tata Steel sends BRO its first shipment of steel slag

On Wednesday, Tata Steel sent the first shipment of Tata Aggreto, a brand of steel slag aggregates, to Border Roads Organisation (BRO) for the construction of roads in Arunachal Pradesh as part of Project Arunank.

The company said in a statement that by providing Aggreto, a value-added industrial by-product, for road construction, “the private steel major has reiterated its commitment to build a sustainable steel sector by adopting the principles of circular economy and pioneered in a nation building initiative.”

Jitendra Singh, the Union Minister for Science and Technology, essentially waved off the first rake of the Tata Aggreto from the Tatanagar train station. In Jharkhand and neighbouring Odisha, the Tata Aggreto has been widely used in the construction of state and national highways, as well as urban and rural roads.

The statement said, “The National Highway-33 is India’s first national highway constructed using the processed steel slag.” Road construction utilizes Tata Aggreto and Tata Nirman (processed steel slag aggregates) in place of natural aggregates. Road construction is more affordable and more durable because to the steel slag.

The company would provide the BRO project in Arunachal Pradesh with 1,200 tonnes of processed steel slag aggregates. The initiative’s success, according to the business, “will offer new paths for sustainable utilization of steel slag in road construction near border areas.”

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