Sonata Software opens its brand-new, top-notch software development facility in Bengaluru

Global IT services and technology solutions provider Sonata Software has opened a brand-new, cutting-edge development centre on its site in Bengaluru, India’s Global Village. The opening of the new centre will create space for future expansion opportunities and is consistent with the company’s ambition to become the fastest-growing provider of IT services.

Over 600 Workstations are housed in the new Development Center, which is over 58,000 square feet in size and was built for improved team collaboration. Utilizing materials with recycled content and built with an eco design approach for the health and wellbeing of employees, the environmentally friendly and sustainable facility boasts.

The new centre will concentrate on the creation of cutting-edge solutions for its clients in the US, UK, Europe, APAC, and Australia in the areas of cloud and data, product and platform engineering, and digital transformation.

“We are honoured to inaugurate a cutting-edge development facility in India. It represents a key turning point in our growth, in our opinion. We are a multinational firm dedicated to developing the brightest people and providing them with a chance to be a part of our growth narrative as we aim to more than double the company’s revenue in the international services sector over the following four years “Sonata Software CEO Samir Dhir remarked.

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