NTPC has signed a contract with GE Power India Limited

NTPC Ltd has signed an agreement with GE Power India Limited to reduce carbon emissions from its coal-fired units. This agreement aims to collaborate on research, development, and engineering of technologies that will enable NTPC to reduce the amount of coal fired at units and gradually replace it with co-firing of carboneous and non-carboneous elements, according to a statement from the power company. Carboneous elements include methanol, carbon-neutral fuel, agri-waste, and biomass, whereas non-carboneous elements include ammonia.

“NTPC Limited and GE Power India Limited have signed a memorandum of understanding to reduce the carbon intensity of NTPC’s coal-fired units. This is a first-of-its-kind step in the country’s coal fleet decarbonization “According to the statement. The collaboration will assist NTPC in gradually co-firing biomass pellets up to 100%, as well as enabling methanol co-firing.

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