New metal cutting inserts production facility opened by Kennametal India

On its Bengaluru campus, Kennametal India Limited (KIL), a division of Kennametal Inc., debuted its brand-new metal cutting inserts manufacturing plant on Tuesday.

According to the business, the facility will meet demand for Kennametal and WIDIA brand inserts from clients throughout India and beyond as part of Kennametal Inc.’s global modernization initiative. Inserts are cutting tools used in a wide range of tasks that involve the machining or removal of metals.

“Our production facility in Bengaluru, which covers more than 27 acres, has long been essential to our expansion in India. According to Vijaykrishnan Venkatesan, Managing Director of KIL, “It offers unique capabilities for end-to-end manufacturing of industry-leading metal cutting tools and technologies that enable excellent performance for our customers.

The new facility, according to the business, integrates intelligent manufacturing processes for better quality, consistency, and lead times. It also consolidates insert manufacturing operations that were previously housed in different production units within the Bengaluru plant. The company noted that it has also made investments in providing the staff with the specialised skill sets required to take full use of these cutting-edge technologies.

Inserts are cutting tools that span a host of applications requiring machining or removal of metals. Currently, the company in its Bengaluru facility manufactures tools such as milling, turning, hole-making, threading, and tooling systems of both Kennametal and WIDIA brands.

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