Nagarnar Steel Plant in Chhattisgarh receives first coke oven battery from NMDC

NMDC commissioned the first coke oven battery (COB) in Nagarnar Steel Plant in Chhattisgarh. In order for their interdependence to be established without any hiccups, several large units must be commissioned one after the other.

“The first batch of coke was discharged this afternoon paving the way for the sequential commissioning of subsequent key units. Nagarnar steel plant being a greenfield integrated steel plant, several major units need to be commissioned sequentially so that their interdependence can be established smoothly,” NMDC said.

The second coke oven battery is scheduled to be put into operation soon, according to the Navratra PSU, and the hot strip mill and thin slab caster will be put into operation in the ensuing months.

Each coke oven battery at the facility includes 67 ovens that are seven metres tall, as well as coke dry chilling systems to ensure that the coke is quenched dry using nitrogen to prevent pollution and utilise the head to produce electricity. When fully operational, the steel factory will be able to produce 80 MW of the 296 MW total required power internally.

A by-product factory, which gathers, processes, and commercialises all the harmful byproducts created during the coke producing process, is a requirement for beginning the coke oven battery, according to NMDC.

According to NMDC, the by-product unit extracts tar, naphthalene, sulphur, and ammonia as by-products, enabling the manufacturing of coke without the creation of pollution.

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