In the shortest time ever, Coal India has surpassed the 400 MTs output mark.

On Friday, Coal India Limited said that it had produced 400 million tonnes of coal in its fiscal year at the fastest rate ever. To reach its goal of 700 MT in FY23, it anticipates that coal production will continue to rise in the upcoming months.

CIL has breached its 400 MT production mark in the quickest time ever, since the inception of the company, till 24 November of the ongoing fiscal. This represents a year on year growth of 17 percent,” the state-owned coal producer said in a statement.

Coal India produced 342 MT on November 24 of last year and reached record-breaking output of 400 MTs, 31 days earlier than 25 December. The same level of production was reached this year 31 days earlier than it was the previous year.

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