Garuda Aerospace receives Type certification and RTPO approvals from DGCA

According to the company, Garuda Aerospace has received Type Certification and RPTO (Remote Pilot Training Organization) approvals from the Director General of Civil Aviation for its indigenously designed kisan drones. The DGCA Type certification is provided on the basis of a quality check and is issued after the unmanned aerial vehicles have undergone rigorous testing.

The kisan drones were developed for agricultural purposes, and with Type Certification for the GA-AG model, Garuda Kisan drones were eligible for Rs 10 lakh unsecured loans from the Centre’s agri-infrastructure fund, according to a company statement.

A remote pilot training organisation, according to the DGCA, is an organisation authorised by the DGCA to provide remote pilot training to anyone seeking a remote pilot certificate under Rule 34 of the Drone Rules 2021.

“The elusive double certification by DGCA for Type and RPTO certification is a testament to our indigenous Made in India drone manufacturing capabilities. We are energised and blessed with strong demands to manufacture 5,000 drones in the next five months “Garuda Aerospace stated.

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