Coromandel International Finances Agritech Businesses

In order to promote the use of technology in agriculture, Coromandel International Limited, a member of the Murugappa Group and India’s top provider of agricultural solutions, has been testing drones in a number of different places. Coromandel is excited to use agricultural technology (AgTech) to support farmers as they adopt precision agriculture, which will increase farmer productivity. Coromandel has made strategic investments in technology-led agriculture.

Dhaksha Unmanned Systems Private Limited, a unique drone startup, has received a $200 million investment from the company. Dare Ventures, Coromandel’s venture capital arm, made the investment. The government has promoted the use of drone technology in agricultural applications such as liquid/nano fertilisers and crop protection chemicals.

The government released SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) for drone regulation for pesticide application in December 2021. Statutory provisions, flying permissions, area distance restrictions, weight classification, overcrowded areas restrictions, drone registration, safety insurance, piloting certification, operation plan, air flight zones, and weather conditions were all covered.

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