Cipla launches Leuprolide Acetate Injection Depot 22.5 mg

Cipla Limited and Cipla USA Inc., its wholly owned subsidiary, announced the launch of Leuprolide Acetate Injection Depot 22.5mg today. The United States Food and Drug Administration approved the product (USFDA).

Leuprolide Acetate Injection Depot contains 22.5 mg of leuprolide acetate and is administered as a single dose injection over a three-month period. It comes as lyophilized microspheres in a single dose vial as part of a kit that includes a prefilled syringe containing 2mL 0.8% mannitol solution and an easy-to-use MIXJECT® transfer device for a single dose injection. It is intended to be used as a palliative treatment for advanced prostate cancer.

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