Airtel launches 5G Plus services at Bengaluru International Airport

On Thursday, Airtel announced the opening of its Airtel 5G Plus services at Bengaluru’s Kempegowda International Airport’s (KIAB / BLR Airport) new Terminal. In order to make Terminal 2 the first airport in India with access to the lightning-fast 5G network, Airtel announced the rollout of Airtel 5G Plus in that location. Customers can now experience lightning-fast speeds on their mobile devices when they are in the lounges, boarding gates, immigration and customs sections, security gates, baggage claim belt areas, etc. at the arrival and departure terminals.

All Airtel users with 5G smartphones can use the fast Airtel 5G Plus service with their current data plans. The current Airtel 4G SIM does not need to be replaced because it supports 5G.

In addition to experiencing the most cutting-edge airport and Airtel 5G Plus service, travellers flying into and out of Bengaluru will see the city’s modern and cutting-edge airport. Customers now have access to high-definition video streaming, gaming, multiple chatting, rapid photo uploading, and more while at the terminal.

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