Mutual Funds – Basics, Selection & Investment Strategy

Course Introduction

Being stock market very vast, the concepts and the knowledge required is diversified. It is a foundation course in the stock market. The stock market course will start from scratch and, step by step, will take the candidate to the mid-level of the stock market. The stock market course has five unique modules designed by experienced and professional stock market traders.

The course is beneficial to candidates who are new to the stock market or intermediate to mid-level. It will create a path to multiple money-making opportunities. These opportunities can be from earning a regular income from trading/investing, salaries from high-paying jobs, or starting a stock market-aligned business.

Course Contents

  • Basic Terminologies
  • Equity Based
    • Large Cap
    • Mid Cap
    • Small Cap
    • Multi/ Flexi Cap
  • Debt Based
  • Hybrid Schemes
  • ELSS Schemes
  • Returns in long term
  • Comparison of return from Mutual Fund with FDs
  • What is meant by Direct and Regular Plan?
  • How Direct purchase from MF house will help you increase your savings.
  • How you can purchase directly from any mutual fund house?
  • Do you really require De-mat Account to hold your Mutual Funds?
  • How SIP works with an example
  • How STP works and why it is required.
  • How SWP can help you meeting your end objectives.
  • How can you plan your retirement using Mutual Funds?
  • Returns expectation.
  • How much SIP is required to fulfil your end objectives
  • Setting the targets
  • How to select a good Mutual Fund based on your requirement by checking both Fundamentals and Technical?
  • Checking Mutual Funds portfolio periodically for achieving the end objective targets.
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