Mastering Technical Analysis for Trading and Investment

Course Introduction

Being stock market very vast, the concepts and the knowledge required is diversified. It is a foundation course in the stock market. The stock market course will start from scratch and, step by step, will take the candidate to the mid-level of the stock market. The stock market course has five unique modules designed by experienced and professional stock market traders.

The course is beneficial to candidates who are new to the stock market or intermediate to mid-level. It will create a path to multiple money-making opportunities. These opportunities can be from earning a regular income from trading/investing, salaries from high-paying jobs, or starting a stock market-aligned business.

Course Contents

  • Basics
  • OHLC
  • Support and Resistance
  • High Wave Candles
  • Single Candlesticks
  • Double Candlesticks
  • Triple Candlesticks
  • Identifying proper entry points with targets.
  • Identifying proper Stop Loss.
  • How to keep trailing stop loss in order to maximize profits.
  • Concept of Window
  • Using Window/ Gap for profitable trades
  • Type of trends
    • Uptrend
    • Downtrend
    • Sideways
  • Drawing Trendlines
  • Identifying Support and Resistances using the Trendline.
  • How to identify trend reversal.
  • Basics
  • Dow w.r.t market trends.
  • Entry and exit based on Dow Theory
  • Bearish Chart Patterns
  • Identifying exit points using bearish chart patterns to book profit or minimize loss
  • Bullish Chart Patterns
  • Identifying the entry points   using bullish chart patterns and   setting the targets.
  • How to select a stock for investment based on technical analysis
  • Key points to remember while starting technical analysis on any stock
  • Identifying the candlestick and chart patterns using top stock research website
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