How to Plan your Investments

Course Introduction

As the stock market is a vast field, the concepts and the knowledge required for the same is also diversified. Different people have different investment requirement and may vary from short term to long term. Each milestone in our life should be planned in an efficient manner whether its the education of the children, marriage or medical emergencies etc.

Financial planning plays an important role in the life of every individual. Planning may not go 100% as per your plans but it will give you all the insights that are required for fulfilling your needs, wants and responsibilities efficiently. If you want to buy a car and you know that you will buy within 3 years then you can plan in such a way that some amount can be used as downpayment and some can be invested in such a source that can can help you to pay your EMIs. When you EMIs are over, then you can continue with your investment and take the benefit of compounding and enhance your returns.

If you simply pay EMIs then you might end up paying interest to the bank or depleting your investments though case may vary from person to person. So, this course gives you insight on the psychology of investment and how you can plan for all your milestones in life. We have taken the example of retirement planning to give your more insights on the topic.

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