A corporate move known as a buyback or share repurchase involves a company buying back its shares from its shareholders. Usually, firms repurchase their stock at a premium to the going market rate. Tender offers and open market offers are the two different kinds of buybacks.

Companies repurchase shares for a variety of purposes, including to increase the value of the available shares by reducing supply or prevent other shareholders from gaining control.

Why Buyback?

1.       To decrease the quantity of shares on the market, a corporation may choose to conduct a buyback. This eventually raises the stock’s demand in the market, benefiting those who bought it.

2.       Any time you buy a share in a firm, you also become a partial owner of the business with certain privileges. Due to the sheer volume of participants, it is frequently exceedingly challenging to reach a unanimous consensus throughout the voting or decision-making process. A decrease in the number of shares also helps to consolidate ownership and makes it easier for the company to reach decisions. Additionally, it ensures that the promoters do not lose out on a significant portion of their assets.

3.       The company’s EPS (Earnings Per Share) rises when the number of shares is reduced. This also enhances the company’s other fundamental ratios as well. The company’s fundamental health can therefore be enhanced by the share buyback programme.

4.       A shareholder makes investments with the hope of making money in the future. Giving the money back to the shareholders as compensation for their confidence and investment is accomplished through buyback. Buybacks are not subject to a three-level tax like dividends are. Therefore, it is a more advantageous and tax-effective option for the business to reward its shareholders.

Buyback List - Tender Offer

Company NameBuyback TypeBuyback
Price (₹)
Record DateIssue OpenIssue CloseIssue Size (₹ Crs)
WiproTender Offer44512,000
Welspun India LimitedTender Offer12010 May 2023195
Godawari Power and Ispat Ltd.Tender Offer50031 Mar 202310 Apr 202317 Apr 2023250
Ajanta Pharma LimitedTender Offer142524 Mar 202331 Mar 202310 Apr 2023389
Symphony LimitedTender Offer2000 29 Mar 202303 May 202317 May 2023200
TeamLease Services LimitedTender Offer305003 Apr 2023100
Abirami Financial Services (India) LimitedTender Offer2827 Jan 202314 Mar 202329 Mar 20231.68
VRL Logistics LimitedTender Offer70010 Feb 202313 Mar 202327 Mar 202361.25
Sportking India LtdTender Offer95010 Feb 202315 Mar 202329 Mar 202355.10
Welspun Enterprises LimitedTender Offer20013 Feb 202316 Mar 202331 Mar 2023235
Hinduja Global Solutions LimitedTender Offer170006 Mar 20231020
KAMA Holdings LimitedTender Offer1450023 Dec 202231 Jan 202313 Feb 202350
Softsol India LimitedTender Offer17023 Jan 202303 Mar 202317 Mar 202335
Jagran Prakash LimitedTender Offer7506 Jan 202302 Mar 202316 Mar 2023345
Triveni Turbine LimitedTender Offer35023 Dec 202217 Jan 202331 Jan 2023190
Tips Industries Ltd. Tender Offer260030 Dec 202227 Jan 202309 Feb 202332.76
eClerx Services LimitedTender Offer175027 Dec 202203 Feb 202316 Feb 2023300
Technocraft Industries (India) LimitedTender Offer100030 Dec 202201 Feb 202314 Feb 2023150
Triveni Engineering & Industries LimitedTender Offer35023 Dec 202217 Jan 202331 Jan 2023800
Cosmo First LtdTender Offer107014 Dec 202227 Jan 202309 Feb 2023108
Orbit Exports LimitedTender Offer24518 Nov 202215 Dec 202228 Dec 202210
Dhanuka Agritech LimitedTender Offer85018 Nov 202226 Dec 202206 Jan 202385
Garware Technical Fibres LimitedTender Offer375004 Nov 202205 Dec 202216 Dec 202290
Tanla Platforms LimitedTender Offer120025 Oct 202220 Dec 202202 Jan 2022170
S.P. Apparels LimitedTender Offer58507 Oct 202203 Nov 202217 Nov 202235.10

Buyback List - Open Market

Company NameBuyback TypeBuyback Price (₹)Buy Back Start DateIssue Size (₹ Crs)
Emami Ltd.Open Market45013 Apr 2023186
Natco Pharma Ltd.Open Market70021 Mar 2023210
KDDL LimitedOpen Market120025 Jan 202321
VLS Finance LimitedOpen Market20016 Jan 202370
One 97 Communications LimitedOpen Market81021 Dec 2022850
Jenburkt Pharmaceuticals LtdOpen Market70214 Dec 202211.60
Indian Energy ExchangeOpen Market20011 Jan 202398
Balrampur Chini Mills LimitedOpen Market36009 Nov 2022145.44
Windlas Biotech LimitedOpen Market32508 Nov 202225
Kaveri Seed Company LimitedOpen Market70007 Nov 2022125.65
Mindteck (India) LimitedOpen Market18024 Aug 202213.70
TCI Express LimitedOpen Market205018 Aug 202275
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